Oct 23 2004

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Friends, Connections, and the Future

Well, I know it has been a LONG time since I got time to sit down and make a post to my blog. What can I say, I am back to working 40 hour weeks again. Yay! For those that didn’t know, when October rolls in, they park attendance drops so there isn’t a need to have us work 40 hour weeks and we get cut back to the minimum of 30 hours a week. Not anymore though, we are now getting more crazy with the approaching holiday rush. Along with the holiday rush though means the Cast Holiday Celebration (CHC). CHC gives us an extra discount on merchandise and coupons for great deals on meals and treats throughout the park along with comp tickets. Don’t bother asking for the comp tickets though as they are already claimed by family members, sorry!

Chris is up for the weekend from Eckerd to visit his family so we got a chance to hang out at Pleasure Island last night thanks to my roommate who has a special ticket to get us in. For those that don’t remember, Chris is my roommate from last year at Eckerd. He is finishing his second major this semester and then will join the rest of us in the world of being an Eckerd College Alumni.

Hmm what else is new? Hmmm…Well, I called the Job Line (407-828-1000 for those interested) and found out that I need to wait till December to align a job for January but that it wouldn’t be an issue going full time. So that was a relief but now, I needed a place to stay. Enter in JK and Norm. One of their roommates moved out so I will have a space to move in to their place in January. Don’t you love friends? So I am all set to start a career at the Walt Disney World Company.

Well, time to get ready for work. I have an 8 hour shift as runner tonight so need to get some food and what not before heading to the Magic Kingdom.

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