Dec 15 2004

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It’s Cold!

Wow is it cold! I am sitting in the warmth of my apartment with the heater turned on and set to 76ºF. Outside, the temperature is hovering around 45ºF before the wind chill is factored in. It is down right cold for Florida. I know my Minnesota roots should have me in shorts but, living in Florida has thinned my blood. Today I enjoyed a nice day off and walked around the parks a bit (Magic Kingdom and Epcot) before heading to the Magic Music Days deck for Candlelight. I sang in all three shows tonight with Eartha Kitt. She was excellent and was prrrrrfect for the part. For those that are wondering who Eartha Kitt is, she is a singer and is also known as Catwomen in the original Batman.

I am off tomorrow as well but will be picking up an extra shift at the Disney MGM Studios in the merchandise location at the Rock N’ Roll Roller Coaster. Only a little over two weeks left and still so much to do. I’ll relax after my shift and visit Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas party and then crash for the night before going to Casting on Friday to transfer to Full Time. I can’t wait! Have a magical night!

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