Jan 04 2005

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And now it’s time to say goodbye

Well, yesterday I moved out of College Program Housing. I am no longer a member of the Walt Disney World College Program. I am now a seasonal cast member at the Walt Disney World Resort pending my transfer to full time status. I left Chatham around 10:30 yesterday morning and made the trek east to Conroy and my new place with JK, Norm and Anthony. I got most of my stuff unpacked but there are still things in boxes. My bed from Ikea isn’t here yet so I have to use an airbed for now but, that works. Most of the stuff I have left is stuff that needs to go under my bed (lifeguard manuals, and what not). I have also realized how much I missed Road Runner. It is just so much faster than the DSL that I had in Chatham. Anyways, I am off to get a costume for Ice Station Cool for tomorrow so I will catch you all later.

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