Jan 25 2005

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Finally a Day Off

Ok so I worked seven days last week but, I figured I would pick up the overtime while it was available to me. I am still waiting for that call from Casting about a full-time role so I have to live with about 30 something hours a week until then. So this week, I am taking both my days off. Sunday I relaxed at home and JK and I went to the mall and what not before I headed down to ‘Ohana again at the Poly for dinner with Mark and Kent to celebrate Mark’s birthday. Mark is a friend from Candlelight and works as a music teacher at Dr. Philips High School and as a VIP Tour Guide for Disney Special Activities. Worked at the crack of dawn on Monday and then ended up meeting Travis and Kirk for dinner at Alehouse. Now today, I just went over to Epcot to meet with a few managers at Mouse Gear about my resume and to see Travis. Now, I am just relaxing at home watching American Idol with my roommates. Well, that’s the update for now. I’m still getting used to not being on the College Program as all the new CPs are showing up but I love it still.

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