Feb 20 2005

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Another Reason Apple Rocks

So my dad decided to upgrade from his 12″ iBook that he has had for a few years now to a new 20″ iMac. This is w hat he had to say about the new technology Apple has installed for those upgrading computers.

[I] plugged in my iBook and started it s a target drive as the on screen directions said and in about an hour my iBook data was transfered over. The iMac was the same as my iBook and transfered everything over. No reloading of software. You can’t get easier that that. Apple is the greatest. Plugged in my IP address and e-mail info and that was it. Selected the Netgear config for the airport card the wireless was going. The size of this screen is unbelievable, it will take a bit go get use to after being on a 10″ screen. Don’t need to be very close. Sitting here the screen fill my whole peripheral vision. This is so cool.

I love my PowerBook and would never give it up. Way to go Apple!

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