Feb 02 2005

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Not Much New

This is the week to come to the parks! Today was soooooo slow. I can’t post the numbers but, it was way below what you would expect for the park numbers. Dad is coming in to town tomorrow for the weekend and Scott might be coming up for a day with his parents. It will be nice to see Scott after so long and also nice to spend time with Dad. I am still a CT at this point and Casting isn’t really giving out any answers as to when that might change. Well, not much else to report. JK is moving out in a few weeks so rent will be going up. Not fun but it is still cheeper than other places. Also, my bed should finally be here after all the mess. The first bed I ordered from IKEA was discontinued but they didn’t tell me that till now. With JK moving out, I cancelled that order and then upgraded my bed to a larger size now that I will have space. Anywho, I’m off for the night.

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