Apr 16 2005

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Days off are too short

Well, I am in the process of heading out the door to work today. I just looked on Portal and noticed that my shift was moved up an hour from when it was first posted. Good thing I checked I guess. I am still wishing my last two days off lasted longer than they had. Thursday I was busy with a few meetings at Epcot about possible career paths and then I headed out to dinner with a friend just to get away from the Disney area for a bit. Yesterday, Joe, myself and a few others were going to hit the water park but, the weather here in Florida is so unpredictable that it was too windy and cool so we went to Animal Kingdom, Disney-MGM Studios and Epcot instead before meeting up with Travis and Paul for Mini-Golf and then back to Millenia for dinner with more Innoventions people. Days off are always too short and now my next one will not be until Friday so I get to work seven days till the next one. Well, I need to run so I don’t get stuck in traffic.

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