Apr 13 2005

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Mid Week Update

Well, I know I was going to update this yesterday but I was too busy. Sorry. Anyways, I am in the process of doing some laundry and cleaning around the house before I head out to work tonight. I am in Delivery Services tonight again. I love it. It is a great change from the crazy and sometimes painful strollers. Painful in that I smash my fingers and pull muscles all the time. DS as we call it maintains all the package options we have to out guests. We go to all the shops in the park and pick up any packages marked for hotel delivery and package-pickup. Did you know we offer those free with any purchase? I am looking forward to doing it more once I get settled in. Right now though I am doing my laundry and cleaning up around the apartment while my coffee is brewing. Mmmmm, I love the smell of my Sumatra Roast from Starbucks. Have a magical day!

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