Apr 06 2005

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Two Birds with One Stone

So today I work late and decided to take my morning and get a few things done. Mainly, I needed to go to the Apple Store at Millenia and have them look at my PowerBook keyboard. I came home from work the other night and my eject key was sticking up. Not a problem, take it in the the Genius Bar and it is fixed in no time, just a few hour wait. Oh well. So while I am waiting, I am looking at headphones for my iPod. I still have my original ear-buds that came with the iPod and am looking at replacing them. Well, I found the perfect ones. I had not seen them before but, Apple now has the Plantronics MX100s headphones. What is so nice about these? Simple, it has TWO jacks on the end. One to plug in to your iPod and another to plug in to your mobile phone. Why is this good? I always have both my iPod and my mobile on me at all times (or most of the time) and the ability to share a single set of headphones for both just rocks. When a call comes in, you hit a button and the headset switches from music to mobile. I think these are going to be just what I need. Well, off to work.

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