May 12 2005

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Yet Another, Mid Week Update

Well, I am back in Florida after a weekend in Minneapolis. Sorry it has taken so long to get this post up but, what can I say, we are on six-day work weeks at the Kingdom and I hardly have anytime to do much these days. I arrived home last Friday and enjoyed a nice day with my Dad at IKEA and Mall of America before joining some friends for an evening of fun in Uptown Minneapolis. Saturday I relaxed and spent more time with the family and had a nice family dinner with my Dad’s side of the family including Grandma and Grandpa and the slew of Aunts, Uncles and a few cousins. Sunday of course was Mother’s Day and we did brunch at the Marsh which was excellent and I gave Mom a sweatshirt from “The Happiest Celebration on Earth” which she ended up wearing the rest of the day due to the weather.

Grandma and Grandpa Swanson arrived back home on Mother’s Day and Mom, Dad and I went over to say hello to them before I headed back home on Monday. Monday morning was a rush for me of running to the bank, visiting teachers at Hopkins High and having lunch with Scott before going home to finalize my packing and then heading to the airport where I got to see my Aunt Cynthia arriving back form Paris before I headed in to security to head back to Orlando. Lots of stuff packed in to a small weekend!

Back to work right away on Tuesday in Delivery Services and then yesterday, today and tomorrow, I am in the Emporium due to a shift change I did with a friend. It’s nice to be back at home in the Emporium but it is also hard to stand in one space after being in a location where you are always on the go or moving. Oh well. Time to head in though so there is your mid-week update for Webby.

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