Jun 23 2005

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Well folks. Only a couple of days to go till my birthday. Last night I met up with Patrick after he got out of work and we did the Virtual Magick Kingdom Quests in the Magic Kingdom. VMK is a new online experience that is similar to the Sims. Players create a virtual person and can walk around a virtual Disney Theme Park and interact with other guests. Completing the quests earn you items you can use in the game such as trading pins, shirts, hats, and more. Also, when you purchase items in the park, you can get a card to get the same item as a virtual souvenir in the game. Soon, it will tie in to the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters at Disneyland Resort I am told and guests in VMK can play with guests at Disneyland.

After we did our quests and got our prizes, we went off to Downtown Disney and walked around a bit before getting dinner at Wolfgang Puck’s and then deciding to go see a movie at AMC. We decided see Herbie Fully Loaded due to lack of others that looked interesting. It wasa decent movie and was cute. My only complaint is that they really don’t mention Herbie’s past. They show clips of the older movies and make Herbie look like a race hero but they don’t ever go back to it. Personally, if you find an old car that was a huge race hero wouldn’t you notice? Oh well, it was a fun movie. That’s all for now folks.

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