Jun 13 2005

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I’m Back

Well, I am back home after a week at Disney’s All-Star Sports Hotel. Brandon was in town for the last week and we went to the parks and just relaxed between me working and Brandon visiting other friends in town. I also got a chance this week to go see the new stunt show at the Disney-MGM Studios called Lights, Motor, Action from Disney Studios Paris. It’s a neat show but I still like my Indiana Jones if I were to pick between the two. If you like cool car tricks and what not, you will love this one. I think part of me was spoiled in that I had seen a lot of the tricks on Discovery or TLC specials.

Work is going great. We are finally getting new Cast in place and I am back on a five-day work week this week. It seems now that I will be in Delivery Services most of the time as for the next two weeks, I have no strollers shifts. I’m telling you though, six-day weeks are nice for the money but are killers to the social life. I feel as if I have neglected my friends. Brian is finally back in Florida and I hope catch up with him on one of my days off this week and then the other one, I hope to hang out with Patrick and Joe.

Well, I need to get back to bed. I should have some more regular updates now that I am back online and my laptop is up and running.

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