Jun 02 2005

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It’s my Friday!

Well folks, it has finally come. I have a few days off starting tomorrow! I am just getting ready for the day and about to head to the airport to pick up my friend Brandon who is flying in for a week. He is here until June 13th. I am working in Delivery Services tonight and wont be getting home until around 12:15 or so but the key is that I will be on my weekend the next couple of days and not having to work! Lots going on down here. I have been busy with work as you can guess and by the time I come home, I am just ready to pass out and do nothing. I had a good dinner out last night with Luke which was a surprise. Luke needed to get out of the house and ended up coming over. We had a lot of fun. Not much else going on. Just been busy talking with friends online and on the phone to and from work and then when I get home. Well, I best be heading for the airport. Hope everyone has a magical day.

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