Jun 16 2005

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Things Turn Upsidedown

Well, I had a nice day off today considering all the crazy stuff this week among my group of close friends. I am not going to go in to details but for those that don’t know, a large number of my friends work a certain Epcot Attraction that was in the news earlier this week and were directly involved. I have been playing counselor and moral support for them the last couple of days. I even gave up plans to catch up with my friend Brian from the College Program last night and tonight to support them. Although I am not directly involved, I seem to have become involved based on who my friends are and I still hate hearing the decisions and the work my friends did questioned.

Today was nice because it was finally a day where we could hang out and let the events just sink in and not be dealing with the pressure on my friends. My friend Patrick joined us for the day and we really did have fun once a few of them got their mind off things. I am in the morning though so I am going to head off to bed for now. Hopefully I can finally catch up with Brian after work tomorrow. Bri, I haven’t forgotten about you!

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