Jul 31 2005

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Bye Bye BlackBerry (For Now)

Well folks, I have made the decision to retire my BlackBerry and move back to my Sony Ericsson P900. The BlackBerry is a great device with so much power for messaging but at the same time, i have found a few flaws that the P900 makes up for. 1) On most of my mobile phones, I can send a SMS (Text) message to a list of people. The BlackBerry only allows e-mails to be sent to more than one person at a time. I send messages to 20+ friends at a time. 2) BlackBerry is for messaging and gives you instant e-mail. This is great but, when your BlackBerry’s address is getting spammed, that doesn’t help and all that SPAM wakes me up at night. 3) I never thought I would say this but, the lack of a camera and MMS (Picture) messaging. There have been several times in teh last few weeks where I have actually needed/wanted to use these options.

The BlackBerry is a great phone/device but, it isn’t the true PDA/Phone that I needed right now. Who knows, I may return to it in a few months but for now, I’m back to my Sony Ericsson P900.

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