Jul 17 2005

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Moving on from the new car, last night Patrick and I met up after work and headed over to the AMC at Pleasure Island and caught the 10:15 show of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Patrick really wanted to see the movie and I had to admit that it looked good from the previews. I wasn’t a huge Tim Burton fan after the Nightmare before Christmas so I didn’t know what to expect. With out giving much away, I really enjoyed the movie. It was cute and unlike the original, it followed the book fairly accurately. What I did miss though as the music from the old version. Something about a good catchy song like I’ve got a Golden Ticket or Pure Imagination just seemed to be missing from this version. Very good film though. Go see it if you haven’t or if you missed it because you were waiting for the new Harry Potter book to come out. You wont regret this one.

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