Aug 31 2005

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Final Interview Prep

Well, I am officially posting this update from my Dashboard on Mac OS X via WordPressDash. This week has been one that is both up and down with things going on among my group of friends with relationships as well as a full week so far at work and preparing for my Guest Relations Interview tomorrow. I am currently printing off my resumé on nice paper, reviewing all the company information (stock price, news, etc) and getting my suit and pins ready for tomorrow morning. Yesterday I picked up a shift at Test Track Merchandise and was able to meet up with my mentors over at MouseGear for some last minute advice and prep for the interview which was so great of them to do for me.

Moving on from work, I am just relaxing at home this morning waiting for Patrick to get out of school so we can head to the parks and relax a bit. Parks are finally slowing down so it isn’t as jam packed as it has been all summer long. Other than that, there isn’t really much more to report from my end. Feel free to dropme a line.

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