Sep 28 2005

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Disney High

So I got this from a friend who also works at Disney. It’s a list of what the different social groups would be like if they were in a high school setting. Some of my readers may have to remember back longer than others but for anyone that works at Disney, it is amazing how true this little bit of humor is.

**Welcome to Disney High**

Cheerleaders/Football players. They work about 2 hours a day and walk around doing whatever they want the rest of the time.

The popular kids. Everyone knows them and sadly wants to be like them or at least transfer to their area.

We’re cool, but non-chalantly cool. Everyone knows us, but we don’t brag about our popularity.

Outdoor Foods
The rebel kids. They’re always out of class/outside in their cool sunglasses and hats.

You say hi to them in class but never acknowledge their existence in the halls or backstage. Although some of them are super hot.

Guest Relations

Third-Shift Custodial
They’re just plain creepy.

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