Dec 12 2005

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Family Weekend

Well, I know I have not been good in the last several months with posting more frequent updates. Sorry to my diligent readers. Moving on though, my parents and grandparents just left this past weekend after coming to spend several days with me here at the most magical place on Earth. I am so lucky to have parents that not only come to visit me but also help me out with moving out on my own. While Mom and Dad were in town, they treated me to a nice set of kitchens and house supplies that included pots, pans, plates, vacuums and more. Andrew and I had some stuff when we moved but working at Disney and having a limited income, the extra help from Mom and Dad was a bonus that wont be forgotten. Thanks again Mom and Dad! Another bonus of having family in town is getting the chance to eat out and not worry about fending for your self. Many thanks again to Grandma and Grandpa for several great meals out in the parks. I really appreciated it and all you do for me.

Slow week this week at work and I only have 35 hours. Hopefully I can get more Candlelight shows in and earn a few more tickets. That’s all for now folks.

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