Jan 04 2006

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Happy New Years

Well, I survived the holiday rush here at the Walt Disney World Resort. I only worked 65 hours the week between Christmas and New Years but it was worth it. Christmas away from my family is always hard but I had my own way of celebrating. I sang in Candlelight on Christmas Eve and then spent Christmas Day with Mark, Kent and Mark’s Mom for a nice little BBQ. Worked all week on till New Years Eve when I worked all day long. 19 hours worth of work then. Started off the day with Park Greeter, moved to PAC and then over to Media Events for Dick Clark’s New Years Eve. It was a lot of fun to see the ringing in of 2006 with all my Disney friends.

This week is a little more manageable with only 40 hours and mostly shifts as conductor on the trains. Andrew should be running in the marathon this weekend so I will be cheering him on from Main Street while I am working. Also, last night I had the fun of helping Joe set up his new PowerBook G4. Welcome to the computing and Mac world Joe, just not too much work from home now!

I should be posting my new years update as well with in the week. That’s the update for now.

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