May 31 2006

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Who’s Looking for Me?

Ok, so on a whim I decided to walk through the Emporium to get to the tunnel to go home today after work. I stop to say hi to a former manager of mine there and one of the older Cast Members whom I worked with when I was in the Emporium back in 2004 mentions to me that someone from Minnetonka was in looking for me. Now mind you I have not worked in the Emporium since March of 2005 which made it really strange. When I wasn’t there, the person asks for this other Cast Member (the one who told me someone was looking for me) who tells him that I am now on trains and turnstiles. Didn’t get a name.

So, if you are from Minnetonka and were the one looking for me, you can find me on Main Street. Shoot me an e-mail so I can give you an updated cell number if you still have my old 612 or 727 numbers.

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