Oct 24 2006

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Somewhere over Texas

Ok, so I an bored out of my mind on the plane right now. The little screen in the seat shows that we are at 38,004 feet and just passing over Austin, TX and my iPod continues to keep me somewhat entertained so, I’ll take this time to right more for my blog on my BlackBerry to be posted when I turn on the radio in LA.

More on the trip. I am heading to Disneyland with four other friends from Disney, my best friend Joe and his friend Ryan and then two of Joe’s co-workers from Epcot Attractions, Brian and Jeff. We are all workaholics in need for a vacation considering that my last real vacation was Disneyland last year.

We are going to be in Southern California for a week, leaving next Monday evening getting back Tuesday Morning. We have more than just Disneyland planned. We are planning to head to Knott’s Berry Farm for their Halloween party thing and spend a day in Los Angles to see the city with a stop in Burbank to visit The Walt Disney Studios. Also in the plans is a trip to the beach to visit my Aunt Susan’s parents in Newport Beach. As you can see, we are maximizing our vacation.

In other news, it is nice to be back at the Magic Kingdom. I am actually back to working a lot, just finished 60 hours last week. Until my status coordinator paperwork goes through, I am doing a mix of relief coordinator and training shifts when means more money for Tom to save.

Well, back to the in-flight entertainment.

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