Nov 25 2006

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Holidays Begin

Well, I am just getting back from a great, but brief, trip to Naples, FL to see my Grandparents and Cousins for Thanksgiving. This is my first holiday off in three years so I figured that I would take the time off since I wasn’t scheduled. It was nice to see everyone since it has been a while especially us cousins with Lisa working in Washington, DC; Stephanie in Boston, and Stuart still at college. I got at least one nice day at the beach and used the other day to help get Grandpa set up on high-speed internet for his WebTV and get the wireless internet set up for all the visitors.

Back here in Orlando, things are work are just as busy as always. Yesterday was just “one of those days” out of the book with a lot going on and me staying very busy as coordinator dealing with lots of issues that had me walking around the train tracks several times. No, I will not be going in to detail on those as I can’t for work reasons. Let’s just say that I was happy to clock out yesterday when I did.

Today though was much better. I had a nice group for training today consisting of a husband and wife that are down from TN for a year. They are going to be great to work with and should be bringing a great deal of fresh energy to our area. For those that don’t work on Main Street, our cast is split in to the following categories; either the 15+ year club (the majority) or the <5 year club (the minority). Those that are in the 15+ club are all about the old way of things and nostalgia while the <5 year group wants it their way. It really is interesting to see the interactions throughout the day as we bringing in all these newer cast members. After work I headed over to meet up with some friends for the kick off to Holiday's Around the World at Epcot and the Osborne lights over at Disney-MGM Studios. I love the holiday time around our parks and look forward to enjoying it more once I finally have more time to commit to singing on candlelight as a stand-by on the nights that I am not scheduled. Well, that's all for now. Time to get rolling on those Christmas presents.

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