Dec 08 2006

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Family, New Role and Holiday Time

Well, it has been an exciting last week here in Orlando, FL. First, I had a nice visit with my Parents and Grandparents the other weekend with Mom and Dad coming in from MN and Grandma and Grandpa Swanson coming up from Naples, FL. It was nice to spend some time with the family and have some time off from work even if I was still in the parks with them. Had some great meals out and even enjoyed seeing a few of the segments being tapes from the Walt Disney World Christmas Day Parade that will be airing on Christmas Day including American Idol Finalists and Michael Bolton. Speaking of Christmas, thanks to Mom and Dad, I finally have a Christmas Tree. For the first time in two years I finally have my own tree with all the decorations on it complete with a monorail around the base. It really is feeling like the holidays finally.
Needless to say, the three days off was a blessing having been so busy at work and dealing with issues involved with my posting for a coordinator role here at the Walt Disney World Resort. Speaking of that coordinator role, I did finally get the role after getting all the stuff at casting sorted out. I will be staying on Main Street, USA for at the least, six more months before I am eligible to transfer again. This is the next step towards a full-time leadership role with the company and I look forward to more professional development opportunities that may surface with the new role including posting for a leadership position this spring.

Leaving work for a bit, last night I finally got to sing my first show this year for Candlelight. I did the late pair with Brian Dennehy as the narrator. I have to say, I really enjoyed his style after looking back at the past two years worth of readers I have sung with. I am scheduled for next Wednesday and Thursday nights with Mareen McGovern and then shows with Neil Patrick Harris and Marlee Matlin later on in the month.

Other than the new role, there really isn’t much else to report. Hope everyone has a great weekend. I’ve been training all week and I can finally sleep in tomorrow. Yay!

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