Jan 15 2007

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Goodbye Christmas, Hello Eckerd?

Well, after a busy holiday season, I have finally packed away all of the Christmas decorations. The decorations at the Resort went down on January 8. Due to my busy schedule, I wasn’t able to get mine down until yesterday. I’ve either been working (which I know I do a lot of) or I’ve been out with friends.

This past weekend was a nice change to the craziness. For those that are not aware, my days off are now officially Friday and Saturday. This is a strange adjustment since I have had Wednesday and Thursday off since March 2005. So, Andrew thought that I should take advantage of it and we both decided to go back to visit the ‘ol stomping ground of Eckerd College.

Once we arrived on campus, it was strange to sense that not much had changed in the three years since I have left. My mailbox still opens (1497) with the same code I had in college and the students are still just as eco-conscious as always. Granted, I have not been out of school THAT long, it’s just funny to see that even with a new dorm, new library, new administrators, and new programs, that the school has not changed at all.

Andrew and I had a nice chance to walk around campus and see new dorm which I must say, is very new and modern but, has the total feel of an Eckerd Dorm. We also saw Jim, the Dean of Students and a close friend/mentor to me and met up with him and his wife Anna for dinner. It was a nice treat and always great to reconnect with old friends.

Work this week is full with me back to training new College Program students on turnstiles intermixed with my regular coordinator shifts. My biological clock though is all out of whack with my normal close, close, mid, open, open schedule being changed around. After next week, I hope to be back to normal.

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