May 16 2007

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Firefighter Tom

Well folks, it has been a long day. Between helping Frontierland Attractions with moving Big Thunder Trains to fighting fires in the Indian Village. I have had a non-stop day! Bigest excitement for the day was putting out a fire on the train tracks. Now for those of you that don’t know, the fireworks bunker/launch site is just next to the tracks so fires are a normal thing in the evenings and at no time was anyone in danger. Issue is, this one was at 11 am. Looked like it was smoldering all night. I got a call from one of the trains and was hiking out to go check it out. Once on the scene I had to remember which tee-pea the fire extinguisher was located and then attempted to put out the fire.

This is where the humor comes in. My first attempt saw the hardly ever used extinguishers hose being shot off (this is due to where it is stored. The heat and the elements had rotted the base of the hose) and me getting the water all over me. My managers Craig and Chrissi are now laughing at this point and Craig takes over once the hose is reattached while I try and try off and get all the chemicals off me and gets nice and close to get the thing out while trying to keep the hose still on the fire extinguisher. We got the fire out just as Reedy Creek Fire Dept shows up and they proceed to pull out the more manly hose to finish the job I started.

Between the fire and other issues in the day, I didn’t get a break till close to 4 (I came in at 7). So no break time for Firefighter Tom despite being successful in putting out the fire the first try! Despite all the business stuff though, today was a fun day. Not too often I get to say I am a firefighter in my role.

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