Jun 09 2007

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Space Shuttle Launches

For those that remember, I have always had a love for the Space Program and the Shuttle. From visiting Kennedy Space Center as a child to going to Space Camp I really have always loved space. One thing that Florida has other than theme parks is the Kennedy Space Center and the Space Shuttle Launch Complex. Now, I have not been to Kennedy Space Center or the East Coast of Florida since I was a kid but I still watch the Space Shuttle launch either at work or at home.

This launch was different because while I was watching the launch live on HDNet on TV, I happened to look out the window and caught this:

Atlantis 06-08-07
Space Shuttle Atlantis Ascends to the heavens. June 8, 2007

I think it is truly amazing when one thinks about the true power and engineering marvel that the Space Shuttle has. It will be exciting to see what comes next. Till then, bring on the launches. How about next launch in July we head to the cape to watch?? Anyone interested?

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