Sep 29 2007

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September in a Nutshell

Wow, it really has been over a month since I last updated my blog. There really has been a lot going on though that can explain my absence. As I posted in August, I have started a new role here at the Walt Disney World Resort in Walt Disney World Ticketing. After a month, I can tell you I have not been happier. I love my new role and the new opportunities that it creates. In just the short month, I have been able to do things and meet people that would never have been possible before when I was working in the Magic Kingdom.

I have also been very busy finalizing and starting the production of the Disney’s Family Holiday Celebration tickets for all Florida Site Cast Members so that has taken a bulk of my days at work plus, speaking of holiday time, I have also started going to Candlelight Cast Choir Rehearsals again. Who knew that Christmas came in September! Things are only going to get busy at work though as we go in to the next month. Notice above I said Florida Site Cast Members? Well, part of my role at Walt Disney World Ticketing is that I am responsible for the production of all Cast Member Ticket Media for the entire Walt Disney Company. We are getting ready for two large distributions that involve complimentary tickets and Main Entrance Passes for all 120,000 of my Cast Members. Can we say overtime? Busyness aside, I love the new role and couldn’t be happier.

On another note, I have also learned this week about the importance of going to the doctor when you are sick. A friend of mine hates going to the doctor and put off going till he finally went after being sick for close to 6 weeks and is now sitting in a hospital bed recovering from a severe case of pneumonia. He’s going to be alright but the recovery will take a while.

That’s my last month in a nutshell. Really not much else going on in my life like it was a few years ago when I started Webby Aquatics as a blog. I hope to start getting back in to blogging more now that I have stable hours and time.

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