Nov 06 2007

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Finally Back

Well, things are finally going back to normal for me. I’ve been fine the last few weeks despite what my last posts may have lead to believe. I have been busy with work and Candlelight Rehearsal so I have been in and out a lot. I am just catching up on some e-mail, Facebook, and general computer cleaning while Adam is practicing his piano on his keyboard. Adam is a good friend of mine that is staying with me for a bit which isn’t that bad since it is nice to have someone else around the house at times.

Mom, Dad and Aunt Sue came to visit this past weekend from Minnesota. It is always nice to have visitors and Mom, Dad and Sue, I had a great time sharing my home and time with you this past weekend. I look forward to seeing you again at Christmas time but this time, in Minnesota!

Things at work are picking up a bit. I am just getting things finalized to kick off our rather large distribution for the entire Walt Disney Company Cast Member Complimentary Ticket and Main Entrance Pass Distribution. My team and I will be producing close to half a million tickets between now and mid-December. So needless to say, I will be somewhat busy with work the next few weeks. Anyways, that’s all I have for now. Look for more updates soon, I promise.

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