Nov 16 2007

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IKEA Adventures

So IKEA just opened up in Orlando on Wednesday this week and Sawyer and I decided to go tough out the crowds so i could get a new light for my bedroom since one of the existing IKEA lights I had on my wall burned out. All I have to say is what a mad house! We went over at about 6pm after we both got out of work and it was still packed after all day. I’m just glad all IKEAs are set up the same and I was able to go in and get to the lights right away so the entire in and check-out process for us was about 35-40 minutes. I’d rather wait in the line that pay for shipping again to order online.

The interesting observation for the night was how obsessive people are over IKEA. I mean, people were buying furniture as if they didn’t have any! IKEA is all anyone at work has been talking about for the past month till the store opened. Oh well, I have to admit, I too love IKEA.

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