Feb 19 2008

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Am I getting boring?

NPROk, this is going to sound really strange but I feel that I have changed in a lot of ways towards what I listen to and watch on TV. I have gotten in to the habit now on the way to and from work of listening to NPR on WMFE. Be it Morning Edition or All Things Considered, feel myself listening to it more and more. Even when I am home, I have started to stream WMFE over iTunes and listen to shows like A Prairie Home Companion. It really does intrigue me how my driving habits have changed from listening to my iPod to listening to the world.

BBC NewsWhat I listen to in the car isn’t the only thing that I have noticed a change. When I am channel cruising at home, I find myself landing on PBS more and watching shows like Antique Roadshow and more recently, I have discovered BBC World News on BBC America. Where I would once come home to watching shows like The Simpsons or Family Guy, I now feel that being informed is what is more important. It has made me realize how much we miss when we watch the sitcoms and soaps. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy my Desperate Housewives but I have realized that I don’t have to watch those shows. There is so much else going on in the real world that is just as fascinating.

I guess some of these changes in routine come from getting older but I think some come from a desire to be informed and having meaningful conversations with my friends. I’ve even gotten in the habit of waking up and watching the news again while I get ready for the day, something I haven’t done since high school when I would go to work when Dad did. There is so much going on in the world that it amazes me more people don’t take the time to learn. I think my appreciation for knowledge and culture comes from my amazing family but also my great experience at a liberal arts college. So I ask, am I just getting boring?

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