May 04 2008

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Kappa Karnival Weekend

Well, this weekend went by too quickly. I went down to Eckerd this weekend for a great evening and to visit some old faces/friends. I had a great time at Kappa Karnival on Friday night with Mark and Aaron. It was great to be back in the swing of things and taking a trip down Memory Lane. Philip, it was nice to run in to you as well, sorry we didn’t get to catch up too much. Thank you to Fred, Jim, Lova and Campus Activities for a great time. Saturday morning came too early though (for those that know Kappa Karnival, you will know why). My main goal Saturday was to teach another Lifeguard class at Eckerd for a few more pool staff that missed the last round. That went by quickly and I want to thank Blake, ECOS President for 2008-09 for taking me around campus, lunch and hanging out for the day. It was a great relaxing day. Lova, sorry I couldn’t make it down to Sarasota for your CD Release Party. I wish I could have stayed longer

Back in the office today. Things are crazy this weekend. Not So Scary and Very Merry Tickets are on sale and everyone is booking them in fears they are going to sell out. So files are way above what they normally are. Just lots of longer days coming up I guess. I’m still working hard on the networking for Leadership Casting Call. I really feel that this time is my time. I really hope it works out. I’m ready for the next step.

Well, I think I’m going to crash for the evening. If anyone wants to do something this week, let me know. I’m free evenings and Friday/Saturday. Cheers!

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