May 26 2008

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The Catch Me Up-To-Date Post

Well, I know it’s been a long time since an update again. What can I say, I’ve been busy. My days off the last few weeks have consisted of a lot of meet and greets and 1:1 meetings with old mentors or various leaders through out the Park Operations teams at all four theme parks and Downtown Disney. I have been keeping my name active and getting feedback and advice for the next stage of my development with the company. This week I have taken the first step in the Leadership Casting Call Process. I have officially posted for the Park Operations Guest Service Manager pool. Posting is just the first step and I will not know if I have an interview until mid June. Rest assured, I will keep everyone posted.

Other than the posting and the meetings, not much else is really going on. Sawyer is moving in on June 10th which will be a nice change. I will have some great company and someone to help with the bills. I went and saw Indiana Jones the other night and I have to say I was pretty entertained but, I can see where others are still disappointed with the film. I still want to see Prince Caspian and Speed Racer if anyone is intersted.Â

Taking a relaxing night tonight. Was in the office most of the day today catching up on things so the extra holiday pay will be a nice bonus. Greek is on at 8 and then I will probably hit the gym from there. So there is your Catch Me Up-To-Date post for this month.

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