May 03 2009

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NYC for the Weekend

Well, I am blogging from 10,000 feet up (even though this will post when I land) on my way back to Orlando from a 3 day weekend trip to New York City with the family. My brother Tim is currently working on his Masters of Fine Arts at Hunter College so Mom, Dad and I took the weekend to go visit.

Despite some rain, the trip was a lot of fun visiting several museums free of charge thanks to working for TWDC (American Museum of Natural History and the Museum of Modern Art) in addition to the Metropolitan Museum of art. In addition to museums, we also met up with my cousin Stephanie, who also lives in NYC. Overall, it was a great trip but, it reminded me of how much I missed London and how much I want to get back over there even for a short visit.

One more day off then back to work on Tuesday. Finally getting used to having Sunday/Monday off. My next mini vacation will be a quick overnight in St. Pete for a lifeguarding class at Eckerd College next weekend then its Orlando until September.

Well, time to sign off for now.

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