Aug 21 2010

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Relaxing Weekend

So, I’m still getting used to having Saturday and Sunday off after being off different days for so many years. So far, I am really enjoying my new role and am really going to like where this will bring me in my career. Today I’ve been pretty productive and have gone to the bank, the YMCA Aquatic Center and Publix before coming home and cleaning the house. Just taking a break now and then meeting up with some friends later tonight.

I also wanted to share something cool I picked up the other night at The Art of Disney. I had read about these great new items coming out for Disneyland’s 55th Birthday but, I never would have believed that they would show up here in Florida. The first thing I got was the ceramic version of the original paper cups used at Disneyland and the second is a tea cup modeled after the originals in the Mad Tea Party ride. I just htink these are cool and worth checking out. Anyways, that’s all I have for now. Enjoy the weekend everyone.

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