Sep 04 2011

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The Trip of a Lifetime

So the time is almost here for my upcoming 17 day adventure that I will be taking with my friend and former co-worker, Joey. While I have taken several vacations throughout this year, this one is by far one of the most exciting vacations I think I will have taken to date. On Thursday, September 8, I will be flying to Barcelona, Spain and will once again board the Disney Magic. Unlike the previous cruises I have done where you start and end in the same port, this one will take us across the Atlantic Ocean back to her home port of Port Canaveral, FL.

So far, I have most of my clothes laid out and ready to pack which is nice. Packing for a 17-day vacation is very different than any other vacation I have packed for. I am finding myself now thinking on everything I add to the pile with all of the new airline bag restrictions in place. I get one free checked back and plan to maximize my carry-on as much as I can. The question of if I will be  doing laundry in the middle of the ocean is starting to come in to mind as I try to see if everything fits and is still under the weight limit. Just a few more days to go and a few more days of hitting the gym to be prepared for 17-days of amazing food.

Looking at the weather that we have had over the last week or so, it looks like this might shape up to be an interesting cruise with a few tropical weather pasterns out there in the Atlantic right where we will be sailing. I love being at sea so this will be a true test to my sea legs. For those that are interested, our ship can be tracked by visiting Marine Traffic and clicking on Current Vessel’s Track. I have also included the itinerary for our trip below. I will be posting on Twitter (@websteth) as long as I have as I have mobile service and I will also try to post updates here when I have internet access and if time allows. Photos from the trip will be posted shortly upon my return to Florida.

14-Night Transatlantic Westbound Itinerary:

Day Date Port Ashore Onboard
Saturday 10-Sep-2011 BARCELONA 4:00 PM
Sunday 11-Sep-2011 AT SEA
Monday 12-Sep-2011 GIBRALTAR 7:30 AM 6:00 PM
Tuesday 13-Sep-2011 AT SEA
Wednesday 14-Sep-2011 MADEIRA 8:30 AM 9:30 PM
Thursday 15-Sep-2011 AT SEA
Friday 16-Sep-2011 AT SEA
Saturday 17-Sep-2011 AT SEA
Sunday 18-Sep-2011 AT SEA
Monday 19-Sep-2011 AT SEA
Tuesday 20-Sep-2011 ST MAARTEN 7:15 AM 5:30 PM
Wednesday 21-Sep-2011 TORTOLA 7:30 AM 3:45 PM
Thursday 22-Sep-2011 AT SEA
Friday 23-Sep-2011 CASTAWAY CAY 11:15 AM 4:30 PM
Saturday 24-Sep-2011 PORT CANAVERAL 7:30 AM

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