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Sep 01 2014

I’m Still Here

I just realized that I haven’t even touched the post button on here in a while. I guess that’s what happens when life gets busy. Several fun and exciting trips coming up soon that I will blog about later though. Recently though, I just got back from Lake Hubert, MN for the 105h Anniversary of Camp Lincoln. It was a great weekend up north at the cabin and catching up with some old friends and spending time with Mom and Dad. I also did a 5k while up there and my body is still recovering! Anyways, that’s it for now. Sorry it’s so short. Here are some photos from the last trip for your viewing pleasure. Until next time.


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Aug 27 2013

Summer Memories

Gopher Cabin

I figured it had been a  while and that an update was due on here. I am between trips right now and just doing laundry after a nice and relaxing weekend home to Minnesota and weekend up north at Camp Lincoln for the 2nd annual Brownie “Lucky Me”  Cote Run. First, let me just say that it felt so great to be back at Camp after this many years. Arriving and getting my cabin assignment just like when I was a camper is always fun. For this weekend, I had all of Gopher Cabin to myself. This was a nice perk but it was also a little shocking to think that that last time I was in that cabin was 1991. To add more to the insult to feeling old, several of the current staff talked about starting as campers in 2008. Now that’s a wake up call that life moved pretty fast.

Camp Lincoln Waterfront

After the shocking realization that I am getting older quicker than I thought, it was time for the 5k race and the 8-mile around Lake Hubert Run on Saturday morning. Now, not being a runner, I stuck with the 5k along with Mom and Dad but it was fun to see people excited to do both. This was my second 5k, my first being the Castaway Cay 5k in April, and I am pretty proud of how it went. After the race, it was a nice relaxing afternoon around camp with amazing weather that was perfect for just reading and enjoying a nice walk around memory lane.


Memories of nine amazing summers at Camp Lincoln. I guess looking back on it while walking around camp and coming across some of the sailing awards I helped win for camp, I did accomplish a lot at camp. One of the other unique things that I loved about this weekend and talking with fellow campers from several different generations is that the core values and ideals of camp haven’t changed. Camp is still the same amazing experience today as it was in 1909. Thanks to everyone who continues to carry on the tradition for all of the future campers that may come to the shore of Lake Hubert. It really is a special place. I will officially post this on here that if it was for Camp Lincoln, I would not be in the job or where I am today. Camp really is a special place.

For those camp friends that are reading this, let’s all plan to come back to the shores of Lake Hubert for the 105th reunion next year along with eh 3rd annual Brownie “Lucky Me” Cote Run! CFAB

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Sep 20 2009

Best Vacation, Ever

Well, it’s been about two weeks since I came back from probably one of the best vacations I have taken in a long time.  I had the unique experience of enjoying the 100th anniversary of Camp Lincoln for Boys in Lake Hubert, MN. It was like taking a trip back and reliving the summers I had as a kid along the shores of Lake Hubert. For those that don’t know, Camp Lincoln is where I spent the summers from 1991 – 1999 as a camper and CIT. At camp I learned to love meeting new people from around the world and fostered a love for sailing. Camp is also one of the reasons why I am here now in Florida and at Walt Disney World. Through the connections I had at camp, I learned about a small school in St. Petersburg, FL called Eckerd College. Thanks to Eckerd, I met some good friends who helped me get a role here at Disney. Camp is also important to my family as it is where Mom and Dad met. The rest, as they say, is history.

The Camp Reunion was a great time reliving old memories and reminiscing with old friends along with meeting many new ones. Justin, Mandy, Sarah and Courtney, thanks for a great time and Mandy, it was great to be out on the water again together. It was also fun to just relive the experience of being at Camp and living in Eagles cabin again after 14 years and singing some of the best songs I remember from the summers growing up! The 100th Dinner was amazing too with great music and a great message from Governer Tim Pawlenty. Thanks again to everyone who made the weekend a blast and to those at Camp that planned such a great event. I hope that I can return to Camp again soon and do another Alumni weekend or summer again soon! Check out below for my pictures from the weekend.

Back in the real world, things are slow around the office these days and I am just doing my thing to keep busy. More vacation coming this weekend when Dad and I will be going to Anaheim and visiting Disneyland . I haven’t been since 2006 but this will be Dad’s first time. I’m sure it will be a great weekend and as an added bonus, I will get to meet up with my friend Julien from Disneyland Paris as well. Look for more updates soon.

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