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Jul 04 2013

Happy Independence Day!

First off, happy Independence Day to my fellow Americans! I figured I hadn’t posted in a while so a post was due. Things have been good for me since my last trip in May. I know I travel a lot but, it’s what I enjoy doing. In May I did Disneyland for a weekend and I am now home until the end of August when I go to Minnesota and then London for a week.

Having a great holiday so far today. Started the morning off with completing my first crossing on Lucky’s Lake Swim and then hitting the gym to finish my workout. After that, it was off to Starbucks and then a great lunch catching up with my friends Chris and Nicky from Washington, DC.

Now, it’s just doing some things around the house before relaxing the rest of the day. Back to the office tomorrow but then back to the normal schedule. Not a whole lot more to report. Had a great birthday week last week. Spreading out various nights with¬†friends¬†was a nice bonus instead of doing one big party. Well, back to work around the house. Until next time.

For those that doubt it, here’s proof that I completed the 1k swim at 7:45 this morning:

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