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Oct 18 2013

Travel too much?

So as I sit here in the Delta Sky Club in Atlanta,  I have a new respect for the business traveler.  In the past month,  I have been to London,  New York,  Minneapolis and now Atlanta while I sit waiting to go to El Paso to surprise a friend (Don’t worry,   this  won’t be posted until after I am there). Since January,  I have been to Atlanta,  Washington,  DC and Los Angeles before the last couple flights this past month plus a few Caribbean cruises in there as well. I have hit Silver Medallion on Delta just based on flying for the first time this year which is a lot for me. It should also be a sign that I have traveled too much this year when the Delta agents at the gate and in the Sky Club know you by name.

As much as I love to travel,  I simply don’t know how people can do this weekly or daily for their job. I am physically exhausted and look forward to this coming weekend when I can really just relax around the house and catch up on housework and all my shows on my DVR and iTunes. Flying is hard work and all of the jet lag can add up.  Trust me,  having gotten over a cold and then forcing myself back in to a gym routine is hard. The other side effect is the lack of a true sleep pattern or house work pattern.  Laundry simply has gone from one bag to the next as it gets cleaned.

I know it sounds like I’m complaining about traveling, but,  I’m not. I am fortunate enough to be able to do the travel I have and this post is just an observation and a reflection on my travel this year. Having said that,  cheers and see you in the air!


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Jan 01 2013

Here’s to 2013

Well, 2012 has come and gone with what seems like record time. It was a pretty busy year for me and one filled so many wonderful opportunities. I’ll share some of the content from the holiday letter I sent out to friends and family this year:

Work is keeping me bust with the the grand opening of New Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom® Park and Cars Land at Disney California Adventure® Park along with helping to provide subject mater expertise to several exciting new projects at our various Disney Parks around the globe. Another exciting aspect of work this year is that after nearly two years, I am no longer considered temporary and am now marked as permanent in my role. Something else that was exciting earlier this year was being offered an officer role onboard the Disney Magic with Disney Cruise Line. I decided against making the jump to the sea since I really do love what I do with my current job.

As much as I am loving the exciting new projects that are coming my way, as most of you know I do enjoy my travel and exploring our wonderful world. This year I took several amazing trips including an amazing 7-night Los Angeles to Vancouver voyage onboard the Disney Wonder. I tied this trip in with a visit to the Disneyland® Resort before boarding and got to spend some great time in both San Francisco and Vancouver, both cities I would really love to get back to and explore again. Moving to the East coast, I recently returned from a trip that took me to Belize and Cozumel for the first time where I was able to see some really cool Mayan ruins and race an America’s Cup yacht! In addition to cruising  I got to experience Philadelphia with the family and celebrate my cousin’s wedding.

Back in Orlando, I have continued to live a healthy lifestyle by becoming more involved with the YMCA of Central Florida and have made several great improvements. I have also been volunteering to help out with several swim meets and have been able to meet several Olympic Athletes which is a cool added bonus. I’m finally feeling fully settled in to my place after 5 years and have really enjoyed getting more involved in the community here. It’s been a great year filled with lots of great memories from friends and family.

As you can see, 2012 has been a busy year. Aside from all of the fun, we also did have to say goodbye to a wonderful family pal, Camper. 2013 is already starting off to be a busy one with several more vacations with friends planned or in the planning stages and some more updates to things around the house. Here’s to 2013 and hoping that is another great year to all of us and to all of my friends and family around the globe.

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