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Jan 03 2012

Site Update: Refreshed Look

Well, I thought that after a few years running the wonderful template I had been running, it was time to change things up and give Webby Aquatics a small refresh and make over. I’m still tweaking a few things here and there but, things should be up and running for the most part. Also did some reworking of my current WordPress installation. If you see any breaks, please let me know via email or the contact page. Thanks!

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Apr 16 2010

New Host

So, after almost 6+ years, I decided it was time to move Webby Aquatics to a new home. Starting today, Webby Aquatics is now hosted by Super Green Hosting. Not only is are these guys cheaper than my old host, they offer so much more options and services than my old one. Most everything from my pervious install of WordPress moved over but, it looks like there might be a few random characters that will pop up due to the nature of importing and exporting SQL files.

Also, in the interest of Earth Day coming up, Webby Aquatics is now 100% Green hosted thanks to Super Green Hosting.

  • The energy used to power this websites server, is 100% ‘Green’ renewable energy
  • This website is hosted on a ‘Green’ energy efficient server
  • By going green this website has contributed to the Super Green Hosting ‘Green’ tree planting project
  • My web hosting company employ ‘Green’ ethics throughout their data centers and offices.

Green Web Hosting

So look for more updates to come!

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Sep 30 2007

Site Update

Webby Aquatics has been refurbished with a brand new version of WordPress, the back-end system that powers my blog and is now fully operational again with Tag Support. Also, there is a new header for those that don’t use RSS/XML/ATOM feeds.

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Jan 26 2007

January 2007 Site Update

Well, I am still sorting things out around the site. I made the upgrade to Word Press 2.1 for stability reasons along with the upgrade to the new K2 Theme. After upgrading, I was having some server issues and compatibility issues with some of my plug-ins used in Word Press so I am finally getting all those fixed and updated.

With the new upgrade now in place, you as the reader should see some improvements in searches and browsing through older posts. The search is now a live search and will display your results instantly and thanks to some AJAX code in K2, my archives are also live updating and can be sorted and browed several different ways. Let me know what you think.

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