May 03 2002

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Well last night marked the

Well last night marked the end of swim lessons at the Y for me. What a blessing personally. As much as I enjoy teaching the older kids, I hate the little ones. Two weeks from today I will be on my way back home to Minnetonka for the summer. Scarry thought I guess, 1 week of classes. Yikes! Picked up several additional guard shifts so i can get some more money for the summer until my regular summer guarding job starts.

Today was a morning of spanish and then a trip to International Plaza to look at the Apple store and to go shopping for clothes at Hollister and Co. I really like the store and wish there was one in Minneapolis but I’ll just have to live with the one here in Tampa. Not much else new today. Got my A*Teens DVD from Amazon today so that will be nice to sit down this weekend and watch. Well, the YMCA calls and it’s time to hit the pool deck in the guard shorts for a fun filled night of lifeguarding.

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