Aug 17 2002

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Well today is yet another

Well today is yet another day off at the beach. The wind is blowing way to strong and the temperature is way to cold. I know it’s been a week since I have last posted to this. I’ve just been super busy with work and my summer classes. I head back to Eckerd 2 weeks from today. I can’t wait! Last night I went to Mall of American with Nick and did some school shopping then we met up with 3 of our other friends and went to go to Blue Crush at Eden Prairie. Not a bad movie. Some of those surf shots were just wicked and amazing to watch. Not much in terms of content but awsome shots. Worth going to go see either way. Well back to work on the G4. It’s feeling old with Apple relasing the new Power Mac G4 earlier this week. But it will should last till graduation in 2 more years when I hope to replace it.

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