Jan 16 2003

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This update is coming a

This update is coming a little earlier today than usual due to me going out of town for the weekend. Today we started the morning off at the Sir John Soane’s house/museum. He was a famous architec back in the day I guess. This guy has a lot of old greek statues and stuff that he took when he was in greece in his basement. It’s like going to the British Museum but in your own home! We took a nice 2 hour break to get lunch and relax and then moved on to Picadilly and went to the Royal Academy of Art to see an exhibit on the Aztecs. This was sorta intersting though none of us were really in the mood for it.

The majority of the house is going away this weekend. I am going to Stockholm, Sweden for those that haven’t heard. A big contingent of the class is going to Paris and a few to Scotland. The few that are staying behind are mostly doing laundry and catching up from missing days of class for being sick. Tonight I will be packing my bags and going tobe early to catch the tube to Heathrow for my 10 am flight. I will try and post an update from Stockholm but it might have to wait till I get back on Sunday.

I have also updated my pictures online. go to: London 2003 and visit the new and improved picture page with captions!
London, England

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