Jan 17 2003

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Well for those that weren’t

Well for those that weren’t aware, I left London today for a nice weekend in Sweden! I arrived here around 14:00 today just as the sun was starting to go down. After getting situated in my hotel, I took off on a short walking journy around the area of town I am in. Made it all the way down to City Hall and the Shereton where we stayed the last time I was here. Tommorow I am going to walk over to the palace and then go hunting for that ABBA museum I have heard about. Also, tommorow night I plan on checking out this place called the ice bar. It’s a bar that is all made of ice. The chairs, cups, bar, plates, etc are 100% ice. Should be a cool stop. It is almost 18:00 here and it looks like it is like 22:00 at home. The sun sets so early! Well, I am going to go get some dinner and then take it easy in the hotel for tonight and make plans for tommorow on the map. This is such a beatiful town and I love it so much already. I will talk wtih you soon.
Stockhom, Sweden

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