Jan 25 2003

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Well this is going to

Well this is going to be the last update for a while from London. Today was my first day in almost a month with out the rest of my classmates. Most of them are back in Florida right now hoping it was warmer I am sure. This morning, my parents and I went to Kennsington Palce for a tour and then after that, walked around the gardens and Hyde Park on our way to Harrod’s. At Harrod’s, we did a quick walk through and ended up getting some choclates. Then, it was back to the hotel for a little rest before going back over to Leciester Square and to the Prince of Whales Theater to see Rent. Most of the cast was the same as last year when it was only a short tour but a few new faces. Still an amazing musical that shouldn’t be missed.

Our flight home is at 12:00 tomorrow and we arrive in the Minneapolis at 18:00 (6pm) on Sunday. This will leave me exactly 2 nights at home before parting ways back to Eckerd on Tuesday morning. Then, it is exactly 1 week till spring semester starts. As much as I love London, I really can’t wait to get back to the USA and be back at school with all my friends. That is the hardest part about being over here. Not being able to see all your friends. Well, I best be of to finish packing. Catch you all later.
London, England

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