Nov 16 2003

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Magical Day

Well, I just got in and I am wiped out. Why am I wiped out? Well, if the title doesn’t give you a hint, I just got back from a complete 14+ hour day at Walt Disney World! My friend Andrew and myself drove up this morning to meet some of his friends Norm and JK who are cast members. The day started off with a nice fun energy filling breakfast at the Whispering Canyon Café at the Wilderness Lodge and then with was off to Magic Kingdom, MGM and EPCOT. Did most of the rides at MK and then the biggies at MGM including the new sets from haunted Mansion. The rest of the day was spent at EPCOT where we enjoyed a few rounds of Mission SPACE and ran in to JK again since he had left us earlier to get to work. One of the best days I have had this semester and a few new people to get to know through Andrew. Look forward to the Christmas Season when we head up next. I also for sure want to do the WDW College Program next fall so I too can join the magic. Thanks again guys. Till then, it’s off to bed.

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