Apr 27 2004

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WDW CP Courses Decision

Well, the time is slowly ticking down until graduation and my adventure at Walt Disney World begins. Part of my internship at WDW includes acess to classes that major organizations can send their people to for training. I can take up to a total of four of these classes during my internship but I think I may just balance it out and do one in the summer and one in the fall. I mean I will have just graduated college! So here are the two classes I think I am going to take. Please feel free to comment on what you think. You can visit the course descriptions and more information on the program by visiting the Walt Disney World College Program.

The courses I am looking at are:
Disney Human Resource Management Course
The Human Resource Course is designed to familiarize students with the current human resource practices and related laws. Students will explore the human resource function in a corporate setting, specifically focusing on the development of knowledge and skills that corporate managers need. Areas of study include interviewing, employment law, labor relations, compensation, performance appraisal, training and maintaining effective environments.

Disney Organizational Leadership Course
Knowledge of leadership theory and how to apply it is critical for today’s leaders. Participants of this course will examine and apply the classical models of leadership in preparation of their application in today’s corporate environment. Throughout the course, you will examine various aspects of leadership and reexamine the results of your own leadership style.

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