Jun 12 2004

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First REAL Day Off

Well, today was my first real day off where I wasn’t picking up any shifts. So what did I do on my day off? First, I slept in till 11 and then met up with my friend Jonnie to go get out haircuts at Main Street USA. Yes, I have my haircut at Disney too. It’s really a great deal and they even give cast members a discount. How many people can say they got their haircut at an old-fashioned barbershop with a Dapper Dan Quartet and Mickey Mouse? After the haircuts, it was off to the Disney-MGM Studios to track down our friend Josh on his second to last day of work. We spent his last day off on Thursday visiting the parks and hanging out since he is leaving on Monday morning. He is now done at Magic Kingdom but due to his height (6’9″) he is doing hours at the Disney-MGM Studios for Star Wars weekends where he is “friends with” Chewbaka. Unfortunately, there are two Chewies and I think the one we had our picture taken with twice was not Josh. Jonnie then left for work and I came back to the apartment to get some lunch and nap a bit. Then it was off to Epcot Cast Services to pick up my costume for my shift at Mission Space tomorrow. While at Epcot, I had dinner with JK and caught a glimpse of Jonnie at work. Now, I am just relaxing and waiting to find out if there are any plans for tonight.

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