Nov 07 2004

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Career Plans

Has it really been almost a week since I posted? Well, I have been busy with work and the two days off that I had this past week I used to catch up on things around the apartment. Last Tuesday though, I went to the My Disney Career workshop/job fair and was able to speak with several of the key people in merchandise as well as Lee Cockerell, the Executive VP for the Walt Disney World Company. I know have a clear idea for what I want with this company and am now working working with several of my managers to clean up my resume and ‘Disneyfy’ it so I can proceed to Leadership Casting Call sometime next year. LCC is the internal path to management positions at the company. Who would have thought I would go for retail but I love what I do here and have no intention on leaving so the only way to go is up from here. I’m on my way out to work for the evening so this will have to be all for now. Look for more updates later this week.

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