Jan 28 2005

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Weird Week

This week has just been weird. The week started off as usual and I even had a lot of fun at the Cast Pin Event at Mickey’s Retreat yesterday. Last night though on the way home just royally made me mad. First, let me state that my trip to and from work had me going through a small community called Windermere. This is where a lot of RICH people live and the cops just like to pick on people. I get pulled over for having an out of state plate and for something lame that I can’t even remember. Nothing illegal like speeding or anything. So I hand over my Minnesota license and all the other needed info and the cop comes back with a citation and court summons for not having a Florida license after 30 days of employment. Well, what makes me mad is that technically I was still a student till January of this year and I am still in that 30 day window. So, I have to go to court and explain it to the judge since the cop says being a student didn’t help me get out of this one. Oh well, I now have a Florida license having given up my Minnesota one and have to wait till February 16th to prove I didn’t do anything wrong which according to the law, I was still covered as a student until January 3 of this year. And to top it off, the cop tells me that I should be lucky I was pulled over by them because they have nothing better to do than pull over out of state drivers. I was so mad at that point. What a bad night.

Today was better aside from the line at the DMV but I am all good now. Working again in the morning and then I should be hanging out with some friends from work and school tomorrow night. Things can only get better. May be I will hear about a full time job.

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